Handwriting – scientific comparison to establish whether or not writings were  made by the same person

Signatures – comparison to determine  genuine or forgery

Detection of indented impressions by the ESDA technique –  to establish a link  between documents/find evidence regarding a document’s ‘history’ such as when   and how a document was produced

Dating – examination/comparison to determine whether a document was   prepared on a purported date/period in time

Establish the sequence of writings

Decipherment of alterations, erasures, additions and obliterations

Typescript – comparison to identify common machine/printer

Examination of forged/counterfeit documents

Comparison of inks by Video Spectral Comparator

Examination/comparison of watermarks, postmarks and stamped impressions

Reassemble torn, damaged or shredded documents

Determine whether photocopied documents were produced on the same   machine and/or specific machine

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